About Us

About Us

We have been supplying high quality hog roast catering services in and around Bedford for over 20 years. We thrive on being one of the most versatile catering companies around, not only with our ability to cook in any location, but also because of the range of menus we offer and the type of events we can cater for. We truly have a menu for every occasion and our style of cooking is just as suitable for smaller indoor events as it is for larger outdoor gatherings. Every single member of our team is passionate about what we do, and we always give it our all to provide a memorable dining experience and a great atmosphere.

Our Mission

 We started our company with the aim of providing restaurant quality fare in locations where this would not normally be possible and give our clients the benefit of being able to eat great food in their ideal setting. Hog roast cooking is the perfect way to do this because our efficient equipment allows us to travel and cook anywhere. We are completely self-sufficient and never need to rely on additional assistance at the venue. We bring everything with us, prepare all of our dishes fresh on-site and tidy up after ourselves afterwards. We also only use the very best locally-sourced ingredients and cook everything from scratch at your venue.

Our Range Of Accommodating Menus

 We realise the importance of catering for different needs and as excellent as our hog roasts are, we always strive to be as diverse as possible in our menu options. If you would prefer to About Ushave a different meat other than pork, you will be spoilt for choice with our alternative options, and if some of your guests don’t eat meat at all, we have a tempting range of vegetarian dishes that will be as expertly prepared as our slow-roasted meats. If your event has a more formal feel, we can provide a complete 3 course menu with canapes and table service, or a budget-friendly buffet for a birthday parties, christenings and anniversaries. Our menus are designed to meet your needs on every level and we are always happy to make any adaptations to accommodate you.